tk-v3-circle_278x278_about_portraitAs a naturalized Manhattanite, I’ve never crossed the Brooklyn Bridge or indulged in a black and white cookie (okay, once), but I have managed to whip up creative confections for myriad agencies across the country—all while wearing many hats (creative director, designer, scribe, referee, font-whisperer, strategist, diplomat, exorcist) and without ever losing my keen sense of humor (okay, once). In my spare time, I’m watching far too many movies, eating far too few vegetables, and recalling just enough conversational Japanese to comment on how delicious the fried octopus is this morning.

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Special thanks to the fine folks at JMX2 for their unparalleled developmental abilities. John and, um, Jon turned around the coding and launching of this site in record time and didn’t once yell at me for asking the impossible. Check out their other work and ping them next time you have need for a crack team of digital developers.