Todd Killinger AD/CW
Larry Laiken CW
Steffen Jagenberg PH

SAP, though highly regarded in the industry, had a reputation as a rather staunch and humorless place to work. Wanting to change their image (and, in turn, attract the highest calibre of fresh talent), this campaign features a whimsical test in which the unique personality type that would thrive at SAP could be easily identified. The campaign was successful in that people saw themselves in the ads and, in turn, viewed SAP as a desirous –and fun– place to work. These ads are the first time the client ever used color photography in a campaign (all the better to loosen up a heretofore rather buttoned-up image) and, in a true “art imitates life” moment, the client insisted it would be much funnier to say Boolean logic rather than the original Euclidian geometry.