Fred Hutch

Todd Killinger AD/CW
Brian Kunath CW

The Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center has made the unprecedented claim that they can cure cancer by 2025. In order to make a sometimes vaguely defined future into a tangible reality, this campaign gives a voice to people of 2025 who reveal, and revel in, the wonders of their time while teasingly encouraging those in the present to make the most of the decade ahead by donating their time and money to the center. The neon glow of local landmarks not only sews the campaign into the tight-knit fabric of the Seattle community, it also suggests that dreamlike state where all things are possible. In 2025, cancer is no more, while gentle humor and optimism is eternal.

SOCIAL MEDIA: Tweets/videos/invitations from the future humorously tease life in a world without cancer, and urge individuals to contribute to Fred Hutch to make this miracle a reality (much) sooner than later.

OOH - Site-specific messaging about local landmarks (and the human experience) reminds viewers that the future is both very tangible and right around the corner.

EXPERIENTIAL: What better way to speak to the magic and inspiration of science than a partnership with the Pacific Science Center Planetarium. Signage, seminars, and messaging displayed before the popular planetarium show further encourages taking an active part in contributing to the wonder of the cures to come.

DM: To make the promise of a cancer cure more real, all Seattle donors are sent a personal invitation to an actual party celebrating the end of cancer to take place in 2025.