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Brian Kunath CW

This account-winning campaign embraces the truism that every dog is a bundle of barely restrained energy just waiting to blast off. Frontline is positioned as the key to allowing a fully unfettered expression of that “joie de canine” –in both the pet and their owner. Once their pets are protected, owners have the confidence to let them burn it up wherever and however they please, safe in the knowledge that they can welcome their four-legged buddies back into their home with open arms knowing they’re coming in flea and tick free. While dogs are left with unrestrained liberty to busy themselves with the myriad joys of being, well, a dog.

The muddy, splash-y, smelly life “Off the Leash” of a Frontline dog and his owner as they take the time to feel the wind in their fur.

No two pooches are alike and has many customizable options to help owners find the perfect formula of Frontline for their little (or big) cushion-shredder. Just say “fetch”!

Print and OOH exploding with the energy of living “Off the Leash”.

Geo-specific advertising steers owners to such destinations as Frontline’s custom storefront on Here the discerning canine can order a steady supply of Frontline; anthemic t-shirts (for them and their owners); and even the FitBite™ --Frontline’s proprietary SmartCollar which is what all the well-dressed pets are wearing to the dog run this year.

Find yourself out and about with no Frontline handy? Well fear not, as Frontline product dispensers are now installed in many of the nation’s most well-traversed dog runs. Just send a text with the hashtag #OffTheLeash and receive a free sample of Frontline as well as an e-coupon on your device. Plus, Frontline sponsors eye-level signage so Fido remembers to look where he leaps, rolls, and otherwise frolics.

Who doesn’t love a good pet video? Frontline steps it up a notch with exclusive video shot from their trademark POV of the pet (“People are so cute when they’re sleeping“); Pet-penned listicles to owners on Reddit (“You can never be too muddy or smelly”); and invites to follow the adventures of celebrity hounds such a Loki the Wolf Dog.

No matter how domestic you and your dog might be, there’s a yearning desire to unleash the primal in both of you. Enter Frontine’s Tough Mutter obstacle challenge. Cheered (and jeered) forward by inspiring signage and the thrill of splashing through acres of mud with your favorite four-legged partner in crime, there’s a feeling of accomplishment waiting for you and your mutt at the finish line --to say nothing of exclusive filters on Snapchat to show the world you’re one with your spirit(ed) animal.