Todd Killinger AD
Mariesa Snell CW

One should never hide their light under a bushel —especially if said light is a knack for solar energy. Ameresco, a premiere assembly of gifted gear heads dedicated to making the world more environmentally friendly and self-sustainable at a modicum of cost and time, were not capturing the hearts and minds of those they desired to reach. They needed some sizzle to accompany their rather dry white papers. Working with the client to tease out some of their more jaw-dropping success stories, we created a slick, accessible sales piece which shouted loud and clear just what they had to offer to this brave, new, environmentally aware world. We put the sexy into self-sustainable energy. Upon publication, the piece was an immediate success landing Ameresco contracts to renovate the Veteran’s Administration campuses in New York and New Jersey, with even more lucrative contracts to follow.