Fred Hutch

Todd Killinger AD/CW
Brian Kunath CW

In a field glutted with worthy organizations vying for donation dollars, this campaign seeks to differentiate itself in an impactful and significant way. When you make a donation to Fred Hutch, you become part of a tight-knit team with an incredible mission: to end cancer by 2025. That means that you aren’t simply another anonymous donor. You’re a “Co-Curer,” whose role is every bit as necessary and worthy of recognition as the scientists doing the lab work. Using real Seattle residents as our Co-Curer heroes —complete with call outs to those personality traits which make them unique— the close-knit community of Seattle is inspired to drawn even closer to the miraculous work being done at their beloved research center.

SOCIAL MEDIA: Emojis - Co-Curers have opportunities to self badge with exclusive branded Fred Hutch emojis and personalized profile skins, broadcasting their role in helping to end cancer to their networks. Video: Concurrent with TV and Radio spots, “Co-Curers” are introduced to the community via targeted Facebook ads and shareable posts. An online campaign donation page --carrying over the look and feel of the campaign-- provides a simple entry point into the Fred Hutch site closing the loop on the user experience.

OOH: Co-Curers appear to interact with the community -- peering down from billboards, rubbing noses on sliding glass doors, etc.. All the better to call on their follow Seattle friends and neighbors to become active Co-Curers as well.

PREMIUMS: The Amazon Dash button is a simple, programmable device adapted to provide Co-Curers with a one-touch way to sent a preset donation to Fred Hutch.