Todd Killinger AD
Dario Solman AD
Rich Dollon CW

To further enhance their ADHD treatment program, Strattera asked us to create an application to aid ADHD sufferers in their daily lives. Deeply scalable and customizable, this app allows the user to track their improvements on day-to-day tasks; set up email/text message reminders; play games that improve their concentration skills; chart their progress throughout the course of their treatment; and even print out report cards to share with their physician. A children’s version of the app features an additional interface that allows a parent or caregiver to input tasks which are automatically applied to an internal rewards system. The child then accrues points for tasks completed to be redeemed for rewards of the parents’ choosing. Mix in a series of pop-up inspirational quotes and customizable tips and you’ve got a powerful, intuitive tool for making life a bit less complicated.

Child-facing interface

Adult-facing interface