Todd Killinger AD
Brian Kunath CW

There’s a certain ease of living on the California coast that comes through in Meiomi wine. Something about the way the sun falls on the vine, or how cool night breezes shuddering over the grapes define and concentrate their flavors. This campaign captures the ease that comes through in how we enjoy wine as a part of our everyday lives. Meiomi wine is meant to be shared, to accompany and complement. To bring us together in moments of celebration and conversation. Every time you open a bottle of Meiomi, you feel just a bit of that coastal, carefree attitude. After all, we make our wines to pair with you.

Print and OOH

Meiomi Moment App - Bring along a taste of the California coast wherever you are. Simply point your smart phone at your --most likely dreary-- surroundings and be whisked away to a 360º virtual experience of the sun-drenched vineyards and breezy beaches of the California coast. (Almost) the next best thing to being there.

Social media further evangelizes a tantalizing California coastal lifestyle that is just the pop of a cork away.

Meiomi Music - Scan the QR code on a Meiomi bottle of wine and discover fresh, carefully-curated music straight from the California coast via SoundCloud --the perfect compliment to the perfect wine.

Wine Finder - Simply point your smartphone camera at the Meiomi sign post in your favorite wine shop, and receive video insights on picking the perfect Meiomi wine from our Chief Winemaker, Melissa Stackhouse.